Grapevine: Presidential election coverage eclipsed

Trayvon Martin dominates news cycle


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Top Story

The Trayvon Martin the case, the killing has dominated the news cycle.

Pew Research Center found that from March 19th to 27th -- coverage of that story exceeded that of the presidential campaign-- the first time that's happened this year.

But you may not have heard or read about a six-year-old girl who was shot and killed in front of her Chicago home two weekends ago-- one of 10 people killed and nearly 40 injured in a string of gang-related shootings that weekend.

More violence in Chicago left at least one person dead and several more injured this past weekend.

Those shootings received relatively little national media attention.

School Daze

Students at Frederick Douglass Academy -- an all boy’s school in Detroit-- are complaining that they don't receive enough work.

Nearly 50 seniors protested outside the school Thursday -- demanding an education.

The students -- along with some parents and school board members -- complain of teacher shortages and a general lack of learning.

One parent claims the school has a math teacher who has been absent for 68 days.

A spokesman for Detroit Public Schools says quote -- "Teachers who abuse sick time will be reprimanded."

For their efforts -- the students were suspended from school the remainder of the day.

NoKo State of Mind

And finally -- North Korea is open for visitors -- sort of.

For the first time since the Koreas split nearly 60 years ago-- some tour operators are offering American travelers the chance to see the secretive country.

There would be restrictions though.

The trips will be directly controlled by state authorities.

Little to no interaction with locals will be allowed.

And visitors must give their cell phones to authorities until they are ready to leave the country.