Common Sense

Cavuto: Politicians are people too

Let's try to remember they're human beings


This being Holy Week, let's try at least being human.

And when it comes to covering our politicians…

Let's try and remember they're human beings.

So Mitt Romney's rich.

That doesn't make him evil.

And Barack Obama likes a good-sized government.

That doesn't mean he still isn't a good father.

Because from what I can see, "Mitt is still it" with his kids...lots of kids...and grandkids...

That the president's so devoted to family he let his mother-in-law move in to the white house!

How many of you would do that at your house?

And how many of you buy the notion Romney’s some business-obsessed robot?

Maybe because you never heard how he once stopped everything when his wife got struck with multiple sclerosis.

...or that the reportedly aloof commander-in-chief stops everything to make every parent-teacher conference.

Everyone says Mitt Romney just loves to fire workers.

But not a word about how he once shut down Bain Capital, to help find a kidnapped child of one of those workers.

And Republicans say the president would do anything to advance his personal agenda.

Leaving out the detail that if it comes during dinner time with his kids, it ain't on his agenda.

Critics love to point out how much money Mitt Romney has made.

Not so much, how much money Mitt Romney has given away.

And for a commander and chief supposedly indifferent to soldiers and war.

The only one I know of who writes personal notes to family members of soldiers lost in war.

It's human nature to brush others with a broad stroke.

But it's inhuman, and against our better nature, to go for only the personal strike.

We are better than that. They deserve more than this.

So this holy week, let's make this holy vow:

Rip them on the issues that matter.

Not the personal attacks that do not.

Sometimes those issues can and do make a politician's intentions seem sinister.

I've said so myself. That doesn't mean the guy espousing those issues is sinister.

I've also said that myself.

It's up to us in the media to report the difference.

It's up to all of us on this know the difference.