Common Sense

Cavuto: Obama vs. pineapple?

Who would you vote for?


Whoever said politicians were like a bunch of pineapples, wasn't kidding.

Fact, Monica Crowley here saying if she had a choice between Barack Obama and a pineapple…no contest…the pineapple.

And let's just say…lots of you "pining" to chip in.

Charles in Anniston, Alabama.

"I'm with Monica. I'll vote for the pineapple."

Kathy, Eugene, Oregon.

"…just heard Monica…I would vote for a one-horned, one-eyed purple eater with pink, purple polka dots if that's what the Republican party nominates for president."

Pam in Washington.

"I have said that I would vote for a can of peas rather than Obama, but a pineapple will do."

Kevin in Detroit.

"A pineapple could beat Mitt Romney with half its skin off. How's that, Monica?"

Jim in New York City.

"Really, Cavuto, how stupid could your show get? "Moaning Monica" would vote for a pineapple over the president...

Does she even think about what she's saying and the message she's sending? Last time I checked, lifeless pieces of fruit can't serve in office."

Ummm, Jim, you might want to take a better look at congress.

Arthur via Yahoo.

"I'd consider the healthful pineapple but only if he balanced the ticket with a ring ding, so we could have the "pine-ding" ticket."

Joe in Atlanta.

"I’d choose the pineapple over "all" the candidates. It's delicious. They're all dumb."

Veronica e-mails.

"Your arrogance knows no bounds, Cavuto. Now you're seriously advocating pieces of fruit for president? I've heard of running out of ideas…

But shouldn't you be "eating" more fruit than "voting" for it? You'd feel better, and probably wouldn't sound like the fruit-deprived freak you are."

Taylor via MSN.

"I don't think Monica's one bit crazy. Pineapples are delicious. Politicians are not. Pineapples are good for you. Politicians' spending is not...

...pineapples have a tough exterior but a wonderful inside...Politicians have a soft as mush exterior, and "nothing" inside. Easy call. Pineapple. Landslide."

Victor e-mails.

"You let the pineapple run, you think oranges and apples and grapes are just going to sit there in a bowl and watch? Not likely."

Mary via Yahoo.

"Better a pineapple for president, than melon-head Romney. The pineapple has more personality...

...and the pineapple's a hell of a lot more civil than you are. Not once have i ever, ever, ever seen a pineapple interrupt anyone!"

Ben via Yahoo.

"The pineapple has my vote."

Tricia via AOL.

"No on the pineapple!! Republicans will just divide the vote and president top banana will just "peal" past 'em!"

Clever, Tricia. Very clever.

Ed in Kirkland, Wash.

"Remember, it takes a pineapple a lot longer to spoil than it did Obama."

C.D. via AOL.

"Neil, my cat Festus would be a better president than the pineapple "or" Obama."

Paul via

"I would like to see a poll between President Obama versus Spongebob."

And this from SpongeBob Squarepants himself.

"I’m formally announcing my candidacy for president in 2012 and Patrick will be my running mate!!"

Ok, that was from Phil, in Texas. But I think he's the real Spongebob.

David from Midland, TX.

"You're the pineapple for denigrating our political process with such silliness. You should apologize to your viewers, your e-mailers….and all pineapples that have every right to be offended."