Common Sense

Cavuto: It's time to stop selective outrage

President needs to find a better argument


So…China taking over green batteries…bad.

China…battering our oil guys…good.

Look, the president won't connect the dots.

So allow me to.

An American oil giant has just been usurped today

By a Chinese upstart, and

The president’s ok with it.

The Chinese sweet-talking the Canadians for their oil,

After the white house all but shuts down the keystone pipeline, and he's ok with it.

So petro china replaces ExxonMobil as the world's biggest publicly traded producer of oil, and that's fine.

China squeezing out every drop of oil from every region in its country it can "find" oil, and that's fine.

And china outspending western companies to acquire still more oil reserves, and that's fine.

But allowing "American" oil companies to do even a fraction of the same on a fraction of the land in "this" country, and that's not fine.

So…to sum up…China making more oil…fine.

China making more batteries…not fine.

China's government muscling in on oil markets the world over…fine.

But china muscling in on the green energy markets the world over…not fine.

No, not fine, at all. Not consistent. Not fair. And, oh yea, not right.

It's not right to use the United States government as a prop in a foreign economic war you only want to half-fight, Mr. President.

You're either all in, or you are all out.

And right now, you are just way out.

Out of bounds. Out of ideas. Out of money. And out of anything remotely approaching logic.

Selectively outraged over china taking over technologies that have yet to prove themselves…

But saying not a peep over surrendering the very technologies in the U-S-of-A that "have" proven themselves.

Either find a better argument, Mr. President, or at the least, a better villain.

Because right about now, it's not china whose intentions are looking sinister.

Look in the mirror, Mr. President, it's yours.