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Bill O'Reilly: A big power shift in America

Talking Points 3/28


By Bill O'Reilly

From time to time through the presidential election next November "The Factor" will give you a power index, charting the rise and fall of those who have influence over our lives.

Right now, President Obama's power position is falling, rising gas prices the main reason but the ObamaCare Supreme Court hearings are hurting the President as well. According to a new poll, 62 percent of Americans now believe ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Just 30 percent say it's legal. And so the President's power is in decline in public opinion precincts.

Mitt Romney pretty much staying stationary, he will be the Republican nominee but Americans have not warmed to him. And since the primary process is still underway Mr. Romney remains on the defensive so his power quotient is neutral.

But heres some very interesting news... in the media, Fox News now dominating as far as trust is concerned. Suffolk University poll taken among more than a thousand likely voters asked this question. What TV news or commentary source do you trust the most? FNC won big, 28 percent; CNN second, 17; NBC News way down there at third at 10 percent. That's a route and signifies a tremendous power shift in the American media.

No longer does the left have a stranglehold on news and information. Also the poll is bad news for the President not because Fox News is unfair to him but because we do not have a vested interest in Mr. Obama's re-election as do most other news operations.

Also, Fox News does not have a vested interest in Mitt Romney's election. We'll cover both candidates fairly. Ready for another shock?

The Suffolk poll asked what political reporter or analyst do you trust the most? Well, your humble correspondent won by a whopping 25 percent over the second-most trusted person, Diane Sawyer of ABC News. Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper were tied for third in that survey.

And here is my favorite part of it. I tied Jon Stewart among Democrats. Take that, you brigand.

Now, as you may know this is a no gloating zone and I have been doing political commentary for more than 15 years here but when my old pals in Levittown see this poll, if they ever do, they will have a collective heart attack. The bold, fresh guy now the most trusted commentator in the land... simply stunning.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As we predicted here, the California mother who gave birth to eight babies, Nadya Suleiman, can't support them. So she's now posing topless for a European magazine. TMZ reporting she got 10,000 bucks for doing that.


NADYA SULEIMAN, "OCTOMOM" (via phone): I feel as though no woman should be ashamed of their bodies. Everyone in their own way. You know, special and beautiful. And I don't think -- I think it's something to celebrate, especially if it's appropriately done.

HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ: OK, I'm going to -- I'm going to jump in here. You -- my understanding is, is that the house you are living in is going on the auction block, and you're going to basically be homeless unless you find a new place to live as of Friday, correct?

SULEIMAN: That is correct.

LEVIN: So this was done because you basically...

SULEIMAN: Out of desperation.


O'REILLY: All right. Now, this is a serious story. Ms. Suleiman is obviously a pinhead. But you -- what should happen here -- I've got to choose my words carefully.

What should happen here is that the doctor who planted all those embryos inside her, inside that woman, he should be forced to support all the eight babies. And the six other kids she has. That's what should happen. Michael Kamrava has lost his medical license, but he has a responsibility to those children. All right?