Grapevine: Valuables being stolen from flight luggage?

Airport thefts at reportedly alarming rates


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Home Tweet Home?

A case of mistaken identity has forced an elderly couple to move into a hotel after their Sanford, Florida home address was tweeted as b elonging to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Hollywood director Spike Lee reportedly retweeted the address to his 250,000 followers. The couple's son named William George Zimmerman told the Orlando Sentinel his 70-year old parents have been harassed with hate mail, hassled by the media, and now fear for their safety.

Fashion Statement

In a show of solidarity with Trayvon Martin, Illinois Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush donned a hoodie and sunglasses during a speech on the house floor this morning.

The presiding officer quickly stepped in noting Rush was out of order for wearing a hat, or in this case, a hood, and that breaks House rules.


And that went on for about a minute before the congressman was escorted out.

Plane and Simple

Finally, it isn't just baggage fees that might make you want to carry on your luggage next time you fly.

CBS 2 New York reports valuables are being stolen from passengers' bags at an alarming rate, more than 200 thefts every day at JFK airport.

Sources say baggage handlers, jet way workers, and security folks are to blame with one JFK security lawyer comparing the belly of the airplane to a flea market for employees to rummage through luggage unhindered.