Common Sense

Cavuto: Kiss the health care law goodbye

Supreme Court is going to shoot down Obamacare mandate


I'm no lawyer here, but I've watched enough episodes of "Law and Order" to know this:

The Supreme Court is going to shoot down

This healthcare law.

Just me talking here...

But from the "vibes" I'm getting from these justices here...stick a fork in it.

At least its biggest and most controversial feature…that mandatory coverage option.

It's gone. Kiss it goodbye. And since that's the underpinning of the whole law, you might as well kiss the "law" goodbye too.

But do not assume if that happens…the president can then kiss his reelection chances goodbye.

Far from it.

The road is littered with pundits who thought presidents humbled by courts would later be humbled at the polls.

It didn't happen to Franklin Roosevelt when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, after the same court kept shutting down a lot of his new deal legislation.

FDR just kept getting re-elected.

And it didn't happen to Abraham Lincoln, when just weeks after taking office, he moved to shut down growing protests in the south, by suspending habeas corpus.

Lincoln argued he was trying to save the country, even if it meant violating the Constitution. The court disagreed. But the war was on.

Three years later, Abraham Lincoln was comfortably re-elected.

Just as Andrew Jackson was some three decades earlier, after the court ruled he had usurped Congress' power to declare war by all but declaring it on his own, ordering federal troops to forcibly remove Cherokee Indians from their land.

Of course, in all these examples, each president had something going for him that, so far,

Barack Obama does not…overwhelming public support for what he's doing…

Not in the south for Lincoln, of course,

Or among Cherokee Indians, for Jackson, for sure…

But each president rolled the dice, shrewdly thinking the ends justified the means.

But here, it's the means of how you provide universal healthcare

That could prove universal healthcare's end...

With the court...

And with the people.

Hard to say. This much is not.

Just because the highest court slaps you down…

Doesn't mean your presidency is slapped down.

So don't count all your legal briefs just yet, republicans.

And don't look at me.

Look at Abraham Lincoln. FDR. And Andrew Jackson.