Grapevine: Etch A Sketch cashing in

Increased sales for toy after campaign comment


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Toy Story

The Etch A Sketch comment that's taken over the campaign has shaken up sales for the toy.

The company that makes it has seen its stock price almost triple since Wednesday when an adviser to Mitt Romney compared the pivot to a general election campaign to shaking an Etch A Sketch.

Amazon sales for the toy are reportedly up 3,000 percent.

The toy maker isn't taking sides in the race though noting -- quote-- "We have a left knob and a right knob so we neutrally speak to both parties."

Unlikely Allies

You know the saying, politics makes strange bedfellows?

Well, it's happening in Georgia.

Tea Party supporters are standing with organized labor to protest an anti-picketing law that both groups say will limit free speech.

The bill, which passed the Georgia Senate, would ban picketing at private residences and certain businesses in a labor dispute.

One Tea Party activist tells a local TV station it's unfair to single out a group no matter who they are because -- quote-- "What would prevent a county government or a city government from saying, 'We don't want the Tea Party or anti-abortion groups to protest in this area, but we're going to allow the union to protest in this area'?"

Secret to Success

In a video posted by the White House President Obama received some sage advice about marriage that could translate to politics as well.

Take a listen.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: It is a great honor to meet you. Congratulations.

WILBUR FAISS: Thank you...

OBAMA: 79 years. This is wonderful, you have to tell me your secret for staying married for 79 years. I love that story.

FAISS: You should know what it is.

OBAMA: You just do what she tells you to do?

FAISS: No, compromise!


OBAMA: Oh well there you go. Absolutely.


Compromise. Wise words indeed.