Common Sense

Cavuto vs. viewers

Neil reads audience e-mail


Shoot the message, not the messenger.

But apparently when it comes to the very smart, and apparently, "very" sexy Amilya Antonetti, not all of you are so smitten with the diva delivering the anti-Obama diatribe, whether she's fuming on Fox..."or" Fox Business.

Anne in Baton Rouge, La.

"You think I;m going to 'demand FBN' for this!! There are pay-per-view channels for that kind of nonsense. You keep saying she's hot on the issues. Looking at her, I think you're biased because she's just "hot," period."

L.E. e-mails--

"We are trying to have our voices heard as women, do we have to wear something skimpy and have all the legs showing? Really!!"

Paul in NYC--

"What was she saying again?"

Alan via Yahoo.

"I’ll be the first to say Amilya is one beautiful woman...but what makes her sexy is her un-matchable, in-your-face dissection of all things liberal. That's where she stands out. She's outstanding."

Terry in Arkansas:

"Neil, wipe the drool off your face. If you think your guest made Hannity nervous, look in the mirror. I just popped in from cutting grass and after 30 seconds, I had to wipe the drool off of my face. I first thought it was sweat."

But if just-this-side of appropriate dress doesn't rattle some of you, some just-this-side of appropriate language does.

Elaine in Alabama.

"What the buck? The 'mitt' has hit the fan? Pain in the gas? What are you, a moron? Grow up, imbecile! You sound like my ex-husband."

I'm beginning to understand "how" he became your ex-husband, Elaine. Lighten up.

Think like Carole in Naples, Florida, who seems to understand our kidding nature. We take the news seriously, but not ourselves.

Carole even put it to rhyme…

"Your opening, as always, caught my eye and ear,

Mickey-D's may have plenty to fear,

How can china be taking them to task,

'What the pluck?' you cleverly asked!!"

But, as you often say so smartly, I digress,

The question remains,

And it rattles my brain,

Will we have to trade chicken wings for watercress?"

Anthony via AOL.

"Would Brian Williams ever say, 'what the pluck'?"

No, Anthony. But then again, I’m not Brian Williams, right?

Totally different bird.

Carol in Illinois.

"You’re not handsome, have a bad toupee, can't control your guests, have nothing to offer when talking to your guests, and, oh yea, you're an idiot. How the heck did you ever get a job on TV? Oh, wait, you're on Fox!"

The other channels said I was over-qualified, Carol.

Robert emails--

"Your news reporting has great potential! But why do you let everyone try to out-talk each other? There is a way to stop it and let people understand … simply install a switch on each mike line, so you can get control of who is permitted to speak."

Sean from all the way out in Shannon, Ireland.

"I just had the pleasure of hearing you speak to some of my country's greatest business leaders in New York. Too bad not a one of 'em was sober. But you were pretty good, for a guy who's only half-Irish."

Ann from Virginia.

"My husband always says that the person he'd love to see is…Neil Cavuto! Well, he really missed out today because had he been with me around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, he'd have seen you with your family braving the crowds for the parade! You looked so happy to be out with your kids on such a beautiful New York day that it made the parade even more enjoyable."

Apparently not too far away, another ogling fan…Peggy emailed this--

"You were the only guy in my section not drunk! Not sure about your kids! You seem like such a nice guy…not at all like you are on-air."