MLB great Curt Schilling thriving in second career

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RICH LOWRY, GUEST HOST: It pains me to say this is a die-hard Yankee fan, but he was a Major League powerhouse pitcher. But since leaving baseball, Curt Schilling has kept himself busy with everything from politics to new job producing business ventures.

He sat down with Sean to discuss the current state of our country, the president's class warfare rhetoric and get this, a new video game he's launched called "Kingdoms of Amuler Reckoning." Take a look.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Good to see you. You know, look, I talk a lot about politics. I'm really worried about the economy. The euro may collapse, Greece is collapsing, Spain and Portugal. It's going to have a whole impact on Europe. It's going to impact us here in the United States.

The debt out of control. Deficit out of control. And here you are starting this huge business, you just created 400 new jobs in Rhode Island with a company. I'm thinking, all right, what are you doing that a lot of other people aren't doing?

CURT SCHILLING, FORMER MLB PLAYER: I got my own skin in the game to be sure.

HANNITY: A lot of your own money.

SCHILLING: I will tell you that the growth of our company 38 Studios is government doing -- gone right. I watched the speaker of the House who is a Democrat in Rhode Island adamantly push to create this job guarantee program, this job creation program along with Republicans and independents to do right by the people. When you have politicians, I don't care which side of the aisle they're from --

HANNITY: I don't care, either.

SCHILLING: Working for the betterment of the people of -- their constituents, good things happen when you have people with pure motives.

HANNITY: I lived in Rhode Island five years. They have a million warehouses. It's all textile warehouses. They are available.

SCHILLING: And it's changing. This is one of the initiatives to change that is to bring technology companies into downtown Providence and grow out of that. 38 Studios is one of the first companies to do that.

HANNITY: We live in an environment. This is interesting. We don't seem to question athletes that get paid top dollar. You could throw a fastball at the height of your career a hundred miles an hour, right?

SCHILLING: Pretty close, Sean.

HANNITY: And get it over the plate?


HANNITY: Not many people can do that?

SCHILLING: A small subset of people that could do it, sure.

HANNITY: Small subset so -- nobody complains about that. The president, every single day, it's class warfare, class warfare. Somebody in business, maybe they don't have your skill set, but they have their skill set and Steve Jobs, I mean, look I got my iPhone right here. I got my iPad at my back. What do you think of the president when he uses that rhetoric?

SCHILLING: It's uncomfortable. I do believe this country was founded on a principle that you could go as high as you can reach or you could go as high as you could push yourself.

Someone that has spent five years in the private sector with my own capital, my own skin in the game, I understand at a much deeper fundamental level how our economy works and doesn't work.

So every dollar of income that I have that is potentially taxed away is a dollar I can't put in my company to create a job. My entire company is around job creation.

HANNITY: And people that you hire are glad that they'd be hired, right?

SCHILLING: Absolutely. I mean, and these are high wage jobs at a point in time when the unemployment rate is through the roof.

HANNITY: Real unemployment is 17 percent. Underemployed those -- they're no longer in the labor market. So the numbers are really high.

SCHILLING: To be clear it's not all doom and gloom. This is a great country with so many opportunities.

HANNITY: Tell us what you did, because it's amazing.

SCHILLING: About five years, I founded the 38 Studios, which is a software development company. We were 11 people on day one and here we are five years later at 400. We've kind of taken some people by surprise. I mean, the response has been overwhelming. A big "Lord of the Rings," Middle Earth, kind of high fantasy type stuff. We have two iconic visionaries in Todd McFarlane (ph) R.A. Salvator a 26 times New York Times best-selling author.

HANNITY: How did you pick this?

SCHILLING: It was a passion. I had to do something I had a passion for because I want to be the best in the world at it. I wanted to create a multibillion dollar company that lets me go out and let us go out and change the world and create a Skin Cancer Awareness Center that costs a quarter a billion dollars.

The Bill Gates kind of things, that was the initiative to founding this company and taking people with me along the way. Like I said we're at 400 people, incredibly talented, passionate people. It's kind of opening day on career number two.

HANNITY: I met a guy who helped found the company that does Guitar Hero, Rock Band, all those other games. A lot of smart people put together games that people want. Now, they become rich and then we're going punish them.

SCHILLING: That's a whole different -- like I said, everything is backwards right now from a successful business perspective. Small businesses are a massive part of the engine that drives this country.

When you have -- there needs to be a large broad sweeping restructuring of how people are incentivised to create jobs. Like I said, every dollar I can't commit to my company that's paid in taxes is paying a government that I believe is too big and doing way too much that I don't want done.

HANNITY: What is the worst job you ever did?

SCHILLING: I had three jobs my junior and senior year of high school. I worked for the gas station and worked for a pizza place.

HANNITY: I was scrubbing pots and pans at 12. I did every job in restaurant imaginable for years, every job in construction imaginable. I never looked at the guy that came in the restaurant or hired me to lay tile and said, I have a right to their money. I was glad they hired me.

SCHILLING: I just hope that is the majority of the country. I do believe it is. I grew up in a good family with a good man that served this country in the military. I was raised to understand and know the difference between right and wrong. I'm not looking, never have been, for handouts.

HANNITY: If it doesn't work out, you can always sell that ring.

SCHILLING: This unfortunately wouldn't get me very far.

HANNITY: So all the games nuts out there are going crazy over this --

SCHILLING: All the gamers that watch your show, think" God of War" meets "Skyrim." They will totally just understand what I said and they will be way fired up.

HANNITY: All right, thanks a lot, Kurt. Good to see you. All the best to you and your family.

SCHILLING: Thanks very much.


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