Common Sense

Cavuto: It's time to start walking the walk

Politicians need to start acting instead of scoring points


Do it now.

I'm talking to both parties.

Do it now.

Don't just talk the talk.

Walk it. Do it. Now.

The president says he wants to cut corporate income taxes.

Republicans, take him up on it. Now.

Not after the election. Now.

If you say he's bluffing, call his bluff.

And cut those taxes now.

If you say he's really raising those taxes by taking away corporate breaks, then give us a break, and quit whining about...

It and vote on your own plan now.

And while you're finally getting down to grand old work, grand old party...get cracking on this grand old spending cut plan of yours.

If you say the president's four trillion dollars in debt trimming over ten years doesn't do it...

Follow up on what Senator Rand Paul introduced and wipe the "deficit" five years.

And if you Harry Reid stops such a vote in the Senate because you fear it will pass, call Republicans' bluff, vote on it, and risk seeing it pass.

You can show you're a man of your word when you say you'll let your members decide.

And you'll take away Republicans' biggest attack against you that you never let members decide.

My point is...quit making points.

Quit trying to score points.

Don't debate.


Don't put off.

Act now.

You'll scare the you-know-what out of your colleagues.

But you'll do something else.

You'll scare us into thinking you actually mean...what you say.

Because it's bad enough you're wasting our money.

Quit wasting our time.

And start, making time.

Because it's about us.

And man, oh, man, it's about...time.