Grapevine: Doctor warns against handshaking at Olympics

Claims action could spread germs


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

No Contact Sport

The British Olympic Association's top doctor says athletes should not shake hands -- in fact, avoid all physical contact while greeting rivals and visiting dignitaries during London's summer games because it could spread germs.

The British government is rejecting the warning, saying while everyone should be washing frequently, there is no reason not to be friendly.

Out By a Nose

A lawmaker from Egypt's most conservative Islamist party has resigned from parliament after he was caught lying to cover up his nose job.

Anwar al-Balkimy had claimed the bandages over his face were from a carjacking and beating. Plastic surgeries are forbidden by his ultra-conservative party.

$8,000 Dollar Menu

Finally, a Nebraska woman's Chicken McNugget brought in more than $8,000 on Ebay.

That's because the three-year old nugget resembles founding father George Washington.

Does it really? What do you think?

The money will go to charity.