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Viewers vs. Cavuto

Neil's call for all to pay their fair share goes viral


You don't pay, you don't play.

And you certainly don't complain.

My closing comments last night creating quite the email sensation, and apparently viral reaction...

At issue? The now staggering high 49-and-a-half percent of Americans paying no income taxes.

I just found it odd that a president constantly lecturing that the "rich" pay their fair share, continues to leave out the little fact that nearly half of all households in this country pay "no" share. No income taxes, at all. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

How can we change this game if so many have no skin in the game?

Jill emails.

"Neil, perfectly stated. Thank you…from the 50.5 percent."

Nolan in Jacksonville, Texas.

"Neil, you are so right! Our motto should be "no representation without taxation!"

I like that, Nolan.

Frank via Yahoo.

"Outstanding!! Now there's something that needs to "go viral" around the country!!"

Apparently it already has Frank.

Lisa in Hampden, Maine.

"Thank you so much for speaking what so many of us who pay taxes are thinking. You may get heat for saying it but I know so many who will run block for you, myself included!"

Stephen via Gmail.

"You and your show is a useless snot rag. Drop your damn pay below $70,000 and then bitch."

First off, Stephen, don't you mean, me and my show "are" a useless snot rag? Or maybe you mean snot "rags"? But I digress, to your other point...a question for "you":

What about the many Americans whose pay "is" below 70,000 bucks and they pay taxes. What should they do? "Not" bitch?

Paty in Star Valley, AZ.

"Ten percent is good enough for Jesus; it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam."

Not bad, Paty, but I’m not saying for the truly poor, it need be even that much. Just something. Anything. All in. All of us paying in.

Donald in Goshen, IN.

"Dear Neil, I’m a single guy making $44k a year and i have to pay over $5,000 a year in income taxes. So when I hear people making the same and more not paying anything, it really gets my goat!!"

And so it should, Donald, so it should.

Gary in Baton Rouge, LA.

"Income taxes should be abolished and replaced with a sales tax. That way, everyone pays."

Michael in California.

"Make the working poor pay more taxes and let them eat cake, says Cavuto! Neil, you may be a one percenter but in your case that only refers to the working part of your brain."

Michael, test the same one percent of your thick skull…if you're telling me 49.5 percent of folks in this country are the working poor, then you don't only need to eat cake, but soon, your idiotic words as well.

Lisa in Texas.

"Neil, thank you for speaking up!!...I am so tired of the president telling me I have to pay my fair share and the other half of the country pays zip. God bless you!"

Mary out in Chicago wasn't hearing the message, just the way I expressed it.

"Clean up your language!! That Fox News permits such foul obscenities as those you use is shameful."

Well, I apologize if I was a tad crude, Mary, but I won't apologize for crudely exposing the means by which politicians deceive and divide us in the name of fairness.

It just pisses me off!

Damn, oops…did it again.

Ok, I’ll just shut up now.