Grapevine: Next steps for Occupy Wall Street

Some in group reportedly planning convention


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Staying Occupied

A tale of two Occupations?

Amid talk that the Occupy Wall Street movement is waning some in the group are planning a national convention in Philadelphia over the July 4th weekend.

It is being modeled after the founding fathers' Continental Congress gathering in 1776.

The general assembly will include 876 elected delegates from across the country.

They will draft and ratify what they call a petition for a redress of grievances that will likely include issues such as getting money out of politics and dealing with student loan debt.

However, an Occupy Wall Street public relations official says the organization is not endorsing the conference.

Occupy Philadelphia went so far as to pass a resolution saying it does not support anything associated with this gathering.

Leap of Faith

The son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone says he has encountered a lot more resistance to his recent conversion to Islam while in Iran than he anticipated.

Christopher Stone says he is having trouble financing movie projects because American investors are concerned he is a terrorist.

He says his dad is nervous for him.

The younger Stone who has adopted the Islamic name Ali says he has several projects in the works.

He says Tehran officials have asked him to meet with the Supreme Leader and the president of Iran to talk about financing for future film efforts in the country on his next visit.

Rat Race

Finally, a Virginia animal shelter is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person who wrapped a rat in masking tape and left it on the side of a road.

Local police responded to a report, found the rat, and called the Humane Society to the scene.

The shelter says the rat is recovering, friendly, and may become a permanent shelter pet.