Common Sense

Cavuto: Everyone needs skin in the game

Nearly 50 percent of Americans pay no income tax


You don't pay. You can't play.

I'm going to sound harsh here.

But time for a little reality here.

Everyone has to pay taxes.


I don't care how much, or how little.

But something. Anything.


Here's why.

This new report out of The Heritage Foundation...

That reveals 49 and a half percent of us aren't paying any income taxes at all.

Many pay Social Security and Medicare taxes....and depending on where they live, property taxes too.

That's fine. Join the club.

Here is what is not.

Not paying any "income" taxes.

I take nothing away from those genuinely poor and unable to pay...

But you can't tell me 49 and a half percent of us are unable to come up with so much as a penny to pay?

Nearly 50 percent?

I'll spot you five percent. Maybe go as high as ten percent.

But half?

More like "half-assed."

I'm telling you, we can't change this game unless "everyone" has skin in the game.

"Some" skin. "any" skin.

And if you don't, don't speak.

And certainly, don't demand.

Just because you're entitled to our government doesn't mean you're entitled to bash the folks who are paying for that government.

They're paying your freight.

It'd be like being treated out to dinner, ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, a pricey bottle of wine, to boot...then bitching to the host about how much of a tip he left.


Stop arguing for the rich paying their fair share...and saying nothing about the now half of all Americans who pay no share, at all.

Stop demanding benefits from a system you give nothing.

And then have the nerve to bitch at the very folks paying darn near everything.

Forget about "fair share." how about a "fair debate"?

Where we put the facts on the table and keep the class warfare stuff off the table.

Where we talk about everyone pulling the boat, and not a president simply pulling our leg.

Where we focus on the government and what's become of it.

And not whether a select few should pay more for it.

How about everybody pay at least something for it?

Because when you have skin in the game, guess what?

You don't think it's a game.

Because now it's your money.

And your government.

And right about're pissed.

Join the club.