Common Sense

Viewers vs. Cavuto

Neil reads audience e-mail


Not red.

Not blue.


Just. Green.

If I had a dime for every time I've said that on this show, I'd be showing you a lot of dimes.

But it bears repeating, especially in the face of some recent these...

Elaine in Pittsburgh.

"I've watched you religiously for years now, just because I find you so compellingly twisted. Funny, but I don't recall you blasting bush when he was rescuing banks that was fine. When Obama rescued auto companies, that was not?"

Elaine, have you watched this show?

Surely you recall how I didn't like the bush rescues then, and railed against them then. Just like i have any rescues since. It got bush folks angry then...

And I suppose Obama folks angry now...

Bottom line, it's a slippery slope. What you do for one, you tee up the next company or industry that quite naturally expects and demands, you do it for them. Maybe you were too tied up in hating me, to ever "listen" to me.

No rescues. No bailouts. Not then. Not now. Not ever. Period.

Debbie in Chicago.

"Nothing in the Obama budget impresses you? Nothing at all?"

No, Debbie, nothing at all.

Carl in Portland, Maine.

"Last time I checked the president put pen to paper and came up with a way to cut four trillion dollars in deficit spending. And you have the nerve to bitch?"

Yes, Carl, because he's not cutting anything. He's just "proposed" and I stress, "proposed," cutting the "growth" in spending, and much of that, factoring in the savings from wars long ago factored out. When all is said and done, after ten years, the president's plan still adds five trillion dollars to our debt. I guess we're whooping it up, because it won't be 9 trillion dollars in added debt. No big whoop, to me.

Elaine e-mails.

"Admit it, you front for the evil rich, because you're just a toadie."

Oh, you're onto me, Elaine. But listen to what you just said. I don't front for anyone. And unlike you, i don't assume all the rich are evil. Or all the not-so-rich saintly. Last time I checked, virtue has no pedigree.

Victor in Newark, N.J.

"If you're so smart, tell me one thing the president should do now to make things better."

That's easy, Victor-- stop. Stop spending. Stop stimulating. Stop spending money we don't have on programs that don't work and on technologies that don't deliver. We're in a pit. Time to put the shovel down.

Alan in New York City

"Admit it; you're just a right wing, name-calling elitist ass."

Admit it, Alan, you never read back that e-mail.

Caroline e-mails.

"It amazes me, you sit up there in your fancy suits, with your fancy words, and your fancy rich friends and i keep thinking to myself, 'man, has this guy any clue what toughing it out in life means, what battling tough times means, or dealing with an illness, or pain, or suffering of any sort?' I doubt it. You speak like you look...fat, charmed, and stupid."

Caroline, I'll spot you the "fat" and maybe "stupid" stuff. But charmed? Let's just say I contest. There's a tad more to me than this beefy facade reveals!

Eric via MSN

"Cut, cut, cut, that's all i hear out of you, Cavuto. Wouldn't it be easier if selfish, soul-less stooges like you just paid more? Isn't that fair? And isn't that what scares you about the president? Because what he is arguing for "is" fair?"

Eric, if you say it's only fair the rich pay more, is it fair that nearly half of all households in this country pay no income taxes at all? They have no skin in the game, at all?

And by the way, if there were virtue in paying taxes, the rich in this country would already be enshrined at the Vatican! My point is this isn't about anyone paying more for this government. My point is, more for what?

It'd be like Macy’s having a "20 percent mark-"up" sale." 20 percent more for that crap that's not selling. Are "you" buying?

Is Warren Buffett buying? No, because contrary to what Mr. Buffett says, he's already decided when he dies he wants all his money to go, not to the internal revenue service...but to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation...guess the sage doesn't want to be a stooge.

And who can blame him? Warren figures he'll get more bang for the buck giving it to a worthy cause that will make many lives whole...than an inept bureaucracy that'd be more akin to throwing money down a hole.

So don't follow his words. Follow...his money.

It's speaking loudly. Very. Loudly.

That's what this show is about. Following the money, and not just the words.


That's it.