Grapevine: Legal love triangle in South Dakota

Debate over statute that allows legal action for spouse-stealing


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Food for Thought

What sounds more healthy to you a homemade turkey and cheese sandwich or cafeteria chicken nuggets?

The Carolina Journal reports a state employee inspecting children's lunches thought the latter.

A North Carolina preschooler was told to eat the school lunch after the lunch that her mom made her consisting of the sandwich, a banana, apple juice, and some potato chips was judged not to be in compliance with Agriculture Department nutritional guidelines.

The girl was sent home with her lunch box still full and told to pay a $1.25 for the chicken nuggets.

Mom says she packs the lunch according to what her daughter will eat and another state official concedes it probably did meet the federal standards after all. Smell a lawsuit?

All a Twitter

Republicans are demanding an apology from President Obama's campaign manager over a tweet they argue is offensive to Latinos.

Jim Messina tweeted a line from Dana Milbank's Washington Post column that wonders if Republicans will be able to reach out to Latino voters.

Quote -- "Line of the day from Wapo's Dana Milbank -- 'The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos.'"

The Republican National Committee was quick to pounce re-tweeting a user's comment telling Messina -- quote -- "...not all Hispanics are about chimichangas."

This afternoon, Messina referenced the controversy but did not apologize for it.

Your Cheatin' Heart

Finally, a South Dakota State Senate panel has voted to abolish a statute letting people sue those they accuse of stealing their spouses.

Supporters of the repeal say it is an antiquated law that does not deter divorce. Opponents say it does provides consequences for adultery though.

The repeal now heads to the full Senate.