Common Sense

Cavuto: Obama's budget isn't tough

Budget proposals in election years are politically driven


A budget that makes the tough choices.

That's how the white house describes its blueprint for fiscal 2013.

But to me, it reads just like the one in 2012, and 2011, and 2010...

"Talk" of tough cuts.

But no "real" cuts.

"Talk" of hacking the debt down to size, but even supposedly "cutting" four trillion dollars over 10 years, still leaving us with five trillion dollars in more debt after ten years.

"Talk" of getting serious about reining in entitlements...

But without making any major changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

So, just as retiring baby boomers are set to exhaust our health-care system to the max, not even the most minor of adjustments to address the onslaught.

I know budgets really aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

For this president. The last president. So many presidents.

Things change, forecasts changes, economies change.

But here's one thing that doesn't, those made in an election year…never change.

They are forever political documents.

And this one makes a big deal about the rich paying their fair share.

But doesn't say boo about the nearly half of all Americans who pay no income taxes at all and whether "that" is fair.

If it's the right thing to do, going after the rich to pony up more…

Is it at least wise to consider the millions of households who pony up nothing at all.

I'm sure many in that group can't pay. But half of all of us?

Budgets reflect the reality of the political moment.

Not the reality of the urgency of the moment.

That much is clear in this budget.

There's a reason why this thing is dead on arrival.

It hasn't a pulse leaving the gate.

And hasn't even been considered for a vote in the democratic senate, because Harry Reid knows it doesn't have a chance.

Not because it doesn't talk tough.

But because it isn't tough.

The president says you can't cut your way to growth.

He needn't worry.

Because he didn't even…try.