Grapevine: Will Cameroon be evicted from DC embassy?

Is nation illegally squatting in Harvard-owned building?


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Commercial Appeal

More fallout from that Chrysler Super Bowl ad titled "Halftime in America" that featured Clint Eastwood talking about Detroit coming back from the brink.

Conservatives said it looked more like a President Obama campaign commercial.

Chrysler and Eastwood disputed that saying it was intended to be apolitical.

However, the Hollywood Reporter notes that some of the creative minds behind that spot were outspoken supporters of then-candidate Obama in 2008.

The creative director, for example, produced an Obama-themed poster for the campaign and the art director reportedly put up a New York exhibit featuring Obama-themed shoes.

The White House denies that it or the re-election campaign had any role in that ad.

Rough Patch

A group of 35 Republican lawmakers has sent a letter to the Air Force protesting the removal of a reference to God from a unit patch.

The Hill reports a military atheist group complained about the Rapid Capabilities Office patch that included a Latin saying meaning "doing God's work with other people's money."

Last month the interpretation was changed to "doing miracles with other people's money."

The lawmakers warn the action could set a dangerous precedent when it comes to religion and the military.

Embassy Row

And finally, the African nation of Cameroon is being accused of illegally squatting in its embassy building here in the nation's capital.

Harvard University owns the property and has filed a lawsuit asking U.S. Marshals to evict the government, saying Cameroon's lease expired last month and the nation has not bothered to leave or extend the lease.

Calls to the embassy today were not returned.