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Cavuto: Americans too dependent on the government

New Heritage Foundation study detailed, depressing


You think Greeks are the only ones who hate being pushed off the government dole?

Imagine if Americans had to swallow the same medicine?

Because if the Heritage Foundation is right...67 million of 'em might not go quietly into the cut-the-apron-strings night.

That's how many a Heritage study says rely on some federal program in this country.

That's 23 percent more in just the last two years!

Liberals typically dismiss the conservative think tank's studies...

But its annual index of dependence on government tracks is remarkably thorough... And detailed... And... Depressing...

Chronicling line-by-line, money spent on everything from housing and health benefits, to welfare and education subsidies.

The research is sound. Scary. And growing at a rate that is nothing short of staggering.

...much of it driven by big increases in housing subsidies and welfare payouts...

Including a big jump in food stamps.

Much of it not surprising, given the slowing economy...

But a lot of it very surprising because it's still increasing even in a supposedly improving economy.

Such "dependence programs," as heritage defines them, now account for more than 70 percent of the federal budget.

Even Greece isn't that high.

And like I said, we know how trying to bring that dependency number down is going over there...

Imagine if we ever mustered the courage to do anything even approaching the

That's the thing with entitled societies... They feel society entitles them to stay entitled.

And hell hath no fury when the entitled hear societies broke.

A lot of other things break.

Look at Greece.


Look at us.