Grapevine: 'Morning after pill' being sold in vending machine

Plan B accessibility at college in PA


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Rise of the Machines

Students at one Pennsylvania university can buy Plan B emergency contraception almost as easily as sodas or snacks.

Shippensburg University's health center now sells the so-called "morning after pill" from a vending machine for $25 alongside condoms, decongestants and pregnancy tests.

School officials say a survey found students supported the idea.

Plan B is available without a prescription but behind the pharmacy counter for anyone 17 or older.

Late this afternoon, the FDA said it is investigating and contacting officials with the university and in state government.

The school's campus minister is against the Plan B vending machine sales -- quote -- "We have and will continue to work to see the decision of this state university reconsidered and overturned."

Got Privacy?

One provision of President Obama's health care law requires employers to provide a place other than a bathroom for breastfeeding moms to pump milk.

Only companies with fewer than 50 employees are exempt. Supporters say breastfeeding is healthier for kids and therefore, good for companies and families.

However, the co-founder of retail giant Staples says while he supports breastfeeding -- quote -- "I don't think every retail store in America should have to go to lactation chambers."

Animal Planet

And finally, whales are people too. At least according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA filed a lawsuit against Sea World that claims whales are treated like slaves while being forced to live in tanks and perform in shows.

The suit names five orcas as the plaintiffs.

PETA argues animals enjoy the same constitutional protections against slavery as human beings and that this is the next frontier in civil rights.

Sea World disagrees arguing the founding fathers' "We the people" does not cover orcas or other animals.