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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years as royal monarch

History has unfolded before her eyes


She may not wield much power, but man has she been in power a heck of a long time.

60 years.


That's how long Queen Elizabeth has been Britain’s royal monarch.

60 years.

That's incredible.

A 25 year old when she suddenly assumed the thrown after the death of her father, King George the VI...still going strong at 85 today.

A woman who has lived through a dozen presidents in the U.S....

And whose own monarchy was announced...

By no less than Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Britain.

She's seen 'em all, known 'em all.

All those presidents, all those prime ministers, all those popes...six of 'em...

Her reign alone more than twice the length of John Paul II in Rome.

Came to power when her country was still a super power...

And a decade before The Beatles became a power.

She was there before the space race... And a survivor of almost every passing fad and sensation of the human race.

A president who set his sights on the moon.

And a former daughter-in-law who, we're told, just drove her loony.

Decades of a woman who seemed at times stiff, but whose stiff upper lip through some horrendous moments seemed timeless.

Say monarchies are cliché.

But the British love theirs to a core. And even this sometimes icy monarch to a "tea."

Royalty is not what it was.

But fairy tale royal weddings remain not like anything else.

In a world in which U.S. presidents can serve eight years max...

And the most powerful potentates 20, maybe 30 years tops...

There is something uniquely Elizabethan about this Elizabeth...

Whose own ancestor of the same fine name and lineage became synonymous with a golden renaissance age in British history from 1558 to 1603.

A good reign. A good ancestor. A good run.

45 years.

A good 15 shy of today's Elizabeth.

At least, the modern day record to beat.

The monarch...this day, at behold.