Common Sense

Florida voters didn't seem to care that Mitt is rich

Average voters are drawn to candidate with above-average means


Isn't that rich?

Apparently no problem Mitt being so rich.

Not with Florida voters.

They didn't seem to care.

What's more, when asked who identified with their everyday concerns more...guess who won?

The former governor.

"Not" the former speaker.

And that despite Newt going after Mitt...

For the tax return thing, the making money hand over fist thing, everything.

...didn't mean a thing to Floridians who figured...

Well, Mitt must be rich for a reason. So maybe he'll help "us" get rich this season.

Who knows?

This much I "do" know.

And this goes to all you candidates who hide your wealth because you're afraid of being attacked...and all you attackers who are sure of the wisdom of that attack.

It's stupid. It never works.

Going after candidates for their words and whether they're consistent...fine.

Going after candidates for their wealth and whether they have too much cash...not so fine.

Because here's the kick...last time I checked, average voters invariably are drawn to candidates of above average means.

It's weird. But it's true.

Like how they related better to a very rich former actor and governor named Ronald Reagan than they did...

A not nearly so rich former peanut farmer turned president named Jimmy Carter.

Or why more common men connected with a not remotely common John Kennedy over a man of far lesser means...

Richard Nixon.

And don't get me started...

On how one of the scions of one of the wealthiest families in American history...Franklin Roosevelt...could Trump the regular Joe appeal of the far, far less high society...

Herbert Hoover.

Now, I know it didn't help Hoover he was running the nation into a ditch...

But it didn't hurt his opponent one bit he was rich.

That's all I'm saying.

So message to those who want to be populists.

Start being realists.

Been there. Done that. Regretted that.

Time...shall I move on from that.

But ain't that something?