Bankrolling 'Hope & Change': Obama's biggest donors revealed

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Regardless of who the last man standing is in the Republican presidential field, that person will have to overcome what is expected to be an Obama re-election effort that is fueled by a $1 billion war chest. And on Tuesday, the Obama campaign revealed the list of top donors who are credited with bankrolling hope and change this time around.

Now, among the so-called big bunglers are now disgraced. Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine who by the way was the man overseeing MF Global when that firm lost track off, let's see, a billion dollars. And also on the list, two fundraisers with connections to the now bankrupt government subsidized solar company called Solyndra.

And then of course, some of Hollywood's finest are doing their part to help secure "The Anointed One" a second term, including President Obama's go to expert on immigration reform policy -- that would be Eva Longoria.

Joining me now with the latest on this so much more, Sandra Smith from the Fox Business Network, as well as the co-host of "The Five." She deals with Beckel five days a week.


HANNITY: God bless her.


This by the way is what a saint looks like. Andrea Tantaros is here.

All right. First of all, Solyndra, MF Global. It seems to me, this is now in cement, going to be big campaign issue.

SMITH: Yes. And it's definitely a trend. Those that were contributing to Obama's campaign before are now contributing more because Sean, it was pay to play. They saw that they were getting what they wanted. And guess what? You are going to hear on mainstream media about how Governor/CEO Corzine, however you want to refer to him, probably a former Hoboken resident now that his bachelor pad is up on the market. You know, we're going to see them say, oh, look, the funds were returned -- the $70,000 that Corzine and his wife contributed. Well, guess what? He bundled and contributed $500,000. Those funds are not going back.

HANNITY: This is billions of dollars. But this is the right term. It's pay to play. Big bunglers bought access. They met with the president, they got in the White House the week before they got the $500 billion that our own government said will go bankrupt in September of 2011.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE": There are good rich people in the Obama administration and there are bad rich people. Now, he demonizes the rich people that don't support him in the State of the Union address. But hey, if you give him money and you --

HANNITY: You are a good rich person.

TANTAROS: Yes. He'll reference you like Buffett, he'll even have your secretary in the First Lady's box. What he is doing is so hypocritical but also it's creating two classes. So, we've got class warfare rich and poor, but he's also creating a class of the politically connected.

HANNITY: No, the good rich people.

TANTAROS: -- and the people who aren't politically connected.

HANNITY: -- that get richer with taxpayer money at a time when people's homes are foreclosing. Look at these numbers, you know, the inflation rate, the misery index now is at a 28-year high, right? Go back to the Carter years. We've got housing market, the worst housing year on record. We got the CBO report, taxes are going to go up 30 percent. Four years consecutive. $1 trillion plus --

TANTAROS: It's pretty miserable.

SMITH: We saw, you know, monstrous unemployment but yet, we're still seeing the president push green energy. I wonder why. Of these bunglers that we revealed, how about the guy Tom Carnahan, he's the politically connected Missouri family who has win farm that received a lot of those tax credits under the stimulus.

HANNITY: The Kennedy's got money. The Kennedy's.

SMITH: Exactly.

HANNITY: The very people that wouldn't let windmills off of Nantucket Sound because it would obstruct their beautiful view.

SMITH: So, that to me is the biggest red flag here. Why are these green energy guys, why are they contributed to -- continue to contribute so much? Because they're getting what they want.

TANTAROS: That's right. And it's not even that. Is that he's favoring them over the taxpayers. So, not only does he get them deals, green energy deals. He gave preferential treatment to George Kaiser, a donor, above the U.S. taxpayers and bankruptcy courts. He's getting paid back before we do.

HANNITY: But wait, this is important because they made an extra exemption. So, if they go bankrupt, we get paid last. So, in other words.

TANTAROS: It's unbelievable.


TANTAROS: What does that say about how he thinks about this country?

HANNITY: Wait a minute. So, his rich millionaire friends that got millions and billions total in dollars because they donated and bundled for the president. They get their money back first.

TANTAROS: But he's for the middle class, Sean. Remember? He's not for the rich.

HANNITY: Well, I just -- you know, what? I'm actually, there's a part of me that saying, this is a good thing because he is going to have to eat this again and again and again.

SMITH: If voters see it and if the mainstream media reports it.

HANNITY: Excuse me. I will remind voters until I am hoarse, until my voice is shot, until I fall down exhausted, I will remind people.

TANTAROS: But Sean, you are not on the Republican -- unfortunately -- ballot for president. So, we have to have the nomine --

SMITH: You should be.

HANNITY: Wait a minute.


I thought I was running?

TANTAROS: You should be, but it's up to the nominee to make the case.

HANNITY: For what? It could be elected a dog catcher.

TANTAROS: For president! Yeah right. Look, it's going to be Republican nominee.

HANNITY: Listen, I'm really angry at my Fox colleagues because they have been showing that tape from my very first show all day today and for anyone of you that run it, you are now on my enemies list.

TANTAROS: You look great.

HANNITY: It's embarrassing. Mediaite runs it. It's embarrassing.

SMITH: You have better hair than O'Reilly in that.

HANNITY: Oh, great. OK, you know, 'Factor' this, you are in trouble.

TANTAROS: Hey, I call it like I see it.

HANNITY: You know, here's the other thing. People say, people have been telling me for years I wear a wig, which, it's my real hair.

SMITH: That's real.

HANNITY: Now, you could tell because it's getting grayer and grayer and grayer.


SMITH: Why is it getting grayer?

HANNITY: Because of Beckel.

SMITH: Barack Obama and Bob Beckel.

HANNITY: Yes. Obama more and then Beckel.

SMITH: Poor Beckel.

HANNITY: What do you mean poor Beckel?

SMITH: He's getting picked on a little bit tonight. Bob, we love you.

TANTAROS: No, we love him. We have both been very dear friends of Bob for years.

HANNITY: I love him, but, 'The Five' I love.

TANTAROS: One of my best friends.

HANNITY: I love home. But the biggest break out cable hit in all of 2011 was your show. Congratulations.

TANTAROS: And, you know, my psychiatrist that I started seeing since this show tells me that if I just come to see him regularly, I'll be able to deal with Beckel better.

HANNITY: You have drugs for that? I mean, there's got to be something.

SMITH: An anti-Beckel drug?

HANNITY: An anti-Beckel something.

TANTAROS: We'll get big pharma on it. I don't know.

HANNITY: Oh, there you go. A big pharmaceutical --


Probably a bunch of rich millionaires that have access to Obama also but who knows?

TANTAROS: Well, he takes their money. They're good rich if they give him money.

HANNITY: And then they get green energy money that we'll have to pay for.


HANNITY: All right. Guys, good to see you both.

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