Stupidity and social conservatism a recipe for racism?

Study a product of liberal academia


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, according to a shrink in Ontario, which I believe is in Mexico, racists are racists because they're dumb, which I get. But he adds that stupidity leads to prejudice when paired with social conservativism, meaning conservatism offers structure and order which somehow leads to racism. OK.

But you could also say structure and order also leads to happiness, success and a long life. So, are all successful old people racists?

No, this is garbage. But it's garbage that makes the researcher happy for it validates the assumption of the academic, who must be smarter and more tolerant than you and me.

But I wonder what would happen if a study found the opposite. Imagine taking the equation, low I.Q. linked to prejudice and replacing prejudice with race-baiting. I mean, there are lots of stupid people out there who are currently race-baiting, usually on MSNBC.

But sadly, there are lots of smart ones, too, because calling conservatives racist gets you a gold star in academic circles, where everyone lives -- which leads me to final thought: is it possible to be liberal and stupid?

Not really, because leftists believe, like every children is a snowflake, all criminals are political prisoners, and every terrorist a freedom fighter, as dumb as they, they are always naively romantic, which is code for idiotic and guaranteed tenure at a major college.


GUTFELD: So, here's the thing that got mad about this thing, Dana.

They say it's structured order of conservatism contributes to racism, but structured order exists in every belief system and contributes a lot of greatness.

PERINO: Well, this is what got to me about it, which is funded by Canadian taxpayer dollars.

GUTFELD: I don't know.

PERINO: OK. And the guy has to have a hypothesis. All right?


PERINO: He is just set out to prove what he already believes anyway, which is that conservatives are stupid. We all know that.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I think what he was suggesting here by the way wasn't conservatives being stupid. What he said was people who have lower I.Q.s and less education tend to be, inclined to vote conservative and they tend to be more racist.

Now, I have a friend of mine --

PERINO: That's terrible.

BECKEL: Wait a second, it goes both ways. I have very good friend of mine, Mallory (ph), down in Texas, who's a very conservative guy who wrote me and I asked him about this because I want to be very careful, because you know I was in South doing voter registration. The guys who beat me up, believe me, guys not well educated, they were white and probably weren't that smart.

But as Mallory says here, I want to read this to you. "I'm more inclined to believe that our attitude comes from nurture and not nature.

But surely the dumb ones have difficult time slopping off our negative nurturing regardless of whether we're liberal or conservative."

And I think that that is a good point, that you grow up in a situation where that you are surrounded by a certain political philosophy, and if you're not too very well-educated, look for alternatives --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: You got a group thing.

BECKEL: I don't care whether it's black or white in racism. You are talking about people -- it is group thing. And so, I think there is a lot to be said about this, a lot.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You just refuted your own thing.

BECKEL: No, no.

BOLLING: But at least your friend refuted your opinion.


BECKEL: I think he is right but the nurturing, I think he is talking about is when you are in a community where it tends to be lower income, lower educated, lower I.Q. --

BOLLING: That's not what I got out of this. Do you know what I got out of this? That conservative women are ways smarter and more attractive than liberal women.

Take for example, Rosie --

GUILFOYLE: According to your -

BOLLING: On their side, Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah, Whoopi, and Joy Behar. And look what we have, Dana, Kimberly, Andrea and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

PERINO: I think Oprah is beautiful.

BECKEL: This is a serious conversation that I have here.

GUTFELD: Kimberly?

GUILFOYLE: You're having a serious conversation.

BECKEL: No, that wasn't serious.

GUTFELD: What do you make of this? They said that they look at socially conservative ideologies and they you used like examples saying like if you believe schools should teach children to obey authority. That makes conservative and they believe that lends itself to racism.

GUILFOYLE: I found this whole article to pretty much be ridiculous, to be honest with you. I think it came out, like Dana said, with a hypothesis that he was set out to prove, which is that he has a disdain for conservatives, and that he wanted in some way trying to demean them, and say that they lack intelligence, that they engage in this group.

I appreciate Bob's point that defending on the environment --

BECKEL: He didn't say that.

GUILFOYLE: I do think he said that. That's my interpretation of that.

BECKEL: He said this is based on people with lesser education and lower I.Q.s.

GUILFOYLE: He is saying they are not intelligent. They're not well- educated.

BECKEL: No, no, not conservative. No, no, he said let's take a group of people who have lower I.Q.s and lower education.

GUILFOYLE: And what are they?

BECKEL: And then see what they are, right?

GUILFOYLE: And what were they?

BECKEL: And they tend to be in -- particularly in areas in the South, they tend to be more conservative. There's nothing wrong with that. They tend to be more racist whether they are black or white.

Now, if you don't believe --

GUTFELD: But if the conservatives think it didn't matter, why was it there?


BECKEL: You have to face some rednecks and understand what it's like to be beat up by these guys and understand these were not smart, educated people.


GUTFELD: But you know that I'm talking about I.Q. I'm talking about why --

BECKEL: That's what this one was about.

GUTFELD: No, I was focusing on the ideology part. Why did he have to say? Because then he refuted it himself. And says, well, it's probably not a big deal.

PERINO: What you are saying you are liberal when you are young, you'll be conservative when you are older?


PERINO: Do you find that strange?

GUTFELD: Yes, it's a liberal mug.


BECKEL: I beg your pardon. That's a pejorative thing to say.

PERINO: Just wait, Bob, we're turning you off.

GUTFELD: All right.

GUILFOYLE: There is still time, Bob.

BECKEL: No, you're not. No, there isn't.

GUILFOYLE: By next Wednesday, you will be raging conservative.

BECKEL: The day that happens would be the day that you got ugly, baby.


GUTFELD: That was a good answer.

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