Celebs' win a loss for America?

American energy policy held hostage


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: It's a big day for people who think energy comes from rainbows. Yes, President Obama K.O.'ed the Keystone pipeline which would have moved oil deposits from Canada, the country, to Gulf Coast refineries here.

So the next time you pay 4 bucks a gallon for gas, you can thank George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio. See, to Hollywood celebs, the environment is a vast wasteland between nightclubs that has no cocaine or blondes, but still must be reserved if you case you want to make a western.

Oddly, both USA Today and The Washington Post came out against Obama apparently immune to the charms of Robert Redford, who, by the way, agreed to push my car when I run out of gas. Even Obama's jobs council was for it.

But I guess what America really needs is a car that runs on hypocrisy. That way, DiCaprio's jet-setting duplicity could power an aircraft carrier. And so crew of sixth century loons will held America hostage so we don't irritate a few caribou.

What's worse for the Earth? A pipe that causes a few dumb elk to make a detour or nuclear Iran?

So, I am announcing I'm going on an all caribou diet. In fact, I'm calling for a national drive to eat all the caribou, who are in effect holding America hostage.

It's time they pay their fair share.

If we eat our way to energy independence, maybe we'll keep Obama feeling guilty about building Keystone. And, look, even if we run out of the animals, there will still be one left at the zoo that Obama can bow to. His name is Captain Horn Face, give him my best. He knows me.

Dana, a lot of people are ticked off at the Republicans. Washington Post said this, for setting a deadline on the decision, which they claim forced Obama's hand. Was that 60-day limit or whatever it was a big deal?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I don't think -- not to me, because let's put something in context. That pipeline decision has been in the making for three years. It actually is, I think there will be a legal challenge made, it was -- the question that they let it turn on was not what it should have been turned on. This was a legal situation. This was an environmental decision by the president.

And USA Today and Washington Post not necessarily known as the most right-leaning of editorial pages came out against him.

So, it was three years. And then the Republicans said you have 60 days to decide on the reroute.

Well, guess what 60 days was -- they were able to decide in the administration? Just 60 days when they first got there? After the Bush administration, they turned it down. Solyndra.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PERINO: The first 60 days, that was the first announcement that they made. It was easy to give away taxpayer dollars, but it's not easy to make a decision that is in our national interest because of the short-term political expediency.

GUTFELD: Solyndra.

Hey, Eric, you know what I love? The left always says in their protest, they have the signs. No blood for oil.

I guess they were lying. It was no caribou for oil.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: But you forgot something else, Greg. I will join your all caribou diet but we also have to eat all the sagebrush lizards in the world and all the delta smelt as well, because those are two other species that are endangered and are causing farmers and oil people to reroute the pipeline.

Here's the point -- there are literally hundreds of pipelines in America. There are literally dozens of pipelines coming down from Canada. It hasn't been an environmental issue up until now. This isn't about the environment. It's not about the price of oil. It's only about when Obama finally signs on to XL, because he will but it will probably maybe a few weeks before the election.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: If gas prices were through the roof, he'd probably sign on to the XL pipeline. Because they're not sky high and people are screaming, that's why he didn't do it. I think this is the most blatant political play. And you even have Joe Klein this morning on MSNBC saying that this has nothing to do with anything but politics.

I do find it interesting, though. It tells me the fact that the union supported this, but the environmentalists didn't. That he knows at the end of the day, the unions will be with him. They have nowhere else to go.

PERINO: Those are always the best fights, between like intraparty.

GUTFELD: Yes. It's like two hippies wrestling.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: If I can just interject here. First of all, there are no caribous here. I don't think.

GUTFELD: There's caribou --

PERINO: We can get you some.

BECKEL: I'm not going to eat them.

Look, here's my take on this. I think the Republicans forced his hand and should have done it. But in the end, political standpoint, it would have made more sense to go with the pipeline. I think he made a mistake.

From a pure political standpoint, union vote is important. It's not at all certain that that is going to be for Obama. You know, generally, this is what they call the angry white male vote to split off and went with Reagan.

BOLLING: Didn't you say the union vote is not certain it will go to Obama?

BECKEL: Not by the large overwhelming percentage.

TANTAROS: But, Bob, you think it depends on nominee, though? Right? Aren't they anticipating, Democrats, that Mitt Romney won't be able to get those Reagan Democrats? That if it were someone different, would he have changed his position --

BECKEL: I'm not sure about that. I'm saying before you jump on me here, this day I would like to be talking about the fact there were fewer people asking for unemployment insurance, biggest drop in six years -- 1.6 million jobs created last year, and 55,000 in the manufacturing which is more than happened in other years, including the Bush years in one year.

I think a lot of good economic news.

BOLLING: One-point-seven million jobs to go to get back to break-even.

BECKEL: That's right. Those 1.7 million after the first three months after he came in office.

PERINO: I think it was a bad decision from a national security standpoint, too. I think that we'll start to hear a little bit more about that as things continue to --

GUTFELD: And all the oil is going to China, so the environmental concerns are still there. It's still --

BECKEL: They reapply. It's going to come here. This is going to be -- this pipeline will be here.


PERINO: Send it here to help President Obama's election.

BOLLING: Do you realize why we have an XL pipeline or a Key pipeline and this new XL pipelines? Because we refuse to drill our own oil. You drill your own oil, you won't need Canadian oil or any Canadian oil for that matter.

Offshore, the Gulf Coast, up in Alaska. There are millions -- we could be self-efficient on oil all we need right here.

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