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Cavuto: Administration's interesting venue choice

President to accept nomination at Bank of America Stadium


From the administration that made "optics" a household word…some optics from the wrong house...

Actually, a stadium.

The 74,000-seat stadium where the Carolina Panthers play.

That's where the president wants to formally accept the nomination when Democrats gather in Charlotte, North Carolina for their convention.

The problem?

The name.

Bank of America Stadium.


...seeing as Bank of America hasn't exactly been a hit with Democrats, or for that matter, with this administration.

So to say it's weird the big guy's getting re-crowned in the place named for the bank...

That critic’s say has displaced thousands of homeowners...well, not the best home.

And for the president, not remotely close to a home run or touchdown...or you get my point.

Leaving aside, the debit card mess, the ‘Occupy Wall Streeters’ hating anything having to do with b-of-a mess, does the administration really need or want this mess?

Apparently, The Charlotte Observer reporting the president wants a big crowd...

To match the big outdoor crowd he had four years ago, when he spoke at Denver’s Invesco Field.

No wonder some Democrats are reportedly praying for bad weather.

They're convening in North Carolina in the middle of hurricane season, after all.

Why risk going outside in a stadium?

All the more so when you consider the name "on" the stadium.