Grapevine: Breastfeeding on 'Sesame Street'?

Online petition to include on TV show


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Unwelcome Occupiers

The Occupy Wall Street encampment here in Washington is being occupied itself by rats.

So D.C. Democratic Mayor Vincent Gray has asked the National Park Service to permanently evict or relocate protesters who have been there since October.

One occupier tells the Washington Examiner that protesting injustice is sometimes messy.

B is for Breastfeeding?

Thousands of moms want "Sesame Street" episodes to be brought to you by the letter B for breastfeeding.

An online petition asks the PBS kids show to bring breastfeeding on-air in hopes of normalizing it.

The group says since the 90's episodes have featured mothers feeding babies only with bottles.

"Sesame Street" says it has never purposely excluded breastfeeding from the show and would include it again if it were a natural part of the storyline.

How that will naturally fit into Elmo's world is yet to be seen.

Keeping the Change

Finally, TSA is keeping the change, all $409,000 of it, when it comes to spare coins left by airline passengers at security checkpoints in 2010. $409,000 in spare change in those TSA bins and bowls.

Florida Republican Congressman Jeff Miller is asking that the money be donated to the USO, an organization that offers services to members of the military.