Grapevine: How will 'Occupy' spend money raised?

Movement considers options for remaining funds


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Money Matters

Occupy Wall Street organizers are bickering about what else? Money.

The Daily Mail reports the movement raised more than $700,000 in three months. Now it has about $300,000 left to spend.

Here are some ideas that were reportedly considered and rejected:

- Stuffing the remaining bills into sacks and burning them

- Splitting the cash among the occupiers

- Rock star mode, where 10 of the most vocal members would go on a tour to spread the word down the Eastern Seaboard

- A solidarity tour in Egypt

- Investing $150,000 on a place for homeless protesters and setting aside $100,000 for jailed comrades

Getting Schooled

Boys could compete on girls' athletic teams, and vice versa, if a proposed law in California is approved.

A Los Angeles TV station is reporting schools would be required to allow students to participate based on their gender identity not their biological sex.

It would also require opposite sex access to sex-segregated facilities, which might include locker rooms.

California recently enacted a law mandating schools teach students about gay historical figures.

Timeliness Is Next To...

And finally, the Vatican is defending a public relations rush-job.

The Holy See gave journalists biographies of its 22 newly elected cardinals lifted directly from Wikipedia and without attribution.

Media were tipped off, noting that many of the newly promoted archbishops were needlessly described as Catholic and some of the cardinals-elect were depicted as conservative on issues such as homosexuality and abortion.

A Vatican spokesman says the bios were labeled unofficial and were taken from Wikipedia in the interest of timeliness.