Grapevine: Runaway Teen Mistakenly Deported

Missing Texas girl sent to Colombia


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Lost in Translation

The family of a teenage girl from Texas, who had been missing for two years, says she was mistakenly deported by immigration authorities to Colombia even though she doesn't speak Spanish.

14-year-old runaway Jakadrien Turner was arrested for theft back in 2010. She told police she was an illegal immigrant from Colombia.

So Texas officials handed her over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and after continuing to insist she was an illegal immigrant she was sent to Colombia, where her family members found her on Facebook.

Turner is currently being held by Colombian authorities.

ICE maintains her story passed various checks but it is investigating the matter.

Access Hollywood

The Pentagon and the CIA are said to be investigating the possible release of classified information about the Usama bin Laden killing to a movie director.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Pete King says the inspectors general at the agencies have agreed to look into reports that the White House granted filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow high-level access for a movie originally scheduled for release right before the November election.

The White House did not respond to our request for comment.

Judge a Book by Its Cover

And the cover of a new book about the Afghanistan war is raising some eyebrows.

"The Operators" by Michael Hastings, features a highly decorated, four-star general, holding a glass of liquor and a pistol. But as the Washington Post points out, the uniform matches exactly that of retired general and current CIA Director David Petraeus when he was on active duty from the badges to the 10 rows of ribbons.

The publisher and artist maintain any similarity is just a coincidence.

We report, you decide.