Common Sense

Cavuto: The More Debates the Better

There is value in each presidential debate


After Sioux City...

Wondering why there are soooo many.

Another debate done...another on.

More than a few critics saying come on.

One publication called it debate fatigue.

Said there were and are too many debates.

And each offers nothing new from the other.

I disagree.

And not just because I was part of this last one.

But because I find value in each and every one.

Whether Fox does it, or anyone else.

Here's why.

I don't think we can have enough debates...

Or enough chances to see these guys up close...because god knows should one of 'em become president; they won't be approaching anything like this kind of scrutiny for four years.

A press conference when they feel like it.

A scripted white house rose garden event only when "they" want it.

So now's the time to get to know them...and see how they respond when the pressure's on 'em.

Newt Gingrich's turn last night.

The poll topper, predictably becoming this latest debate piñata.

It's not fun. And it's not easy.

But if you can take the heat, you've got a good chance of landing that White House kitchen.

Look at Barack Obama.

Say what you will, his constant battles with Hillary Clinton served him well battling out for the 2008 Democratic nomination...and set him up nicely for the 2008 General Election.

And I have yet to run across a debate that hasn't provided something new, something different, something fresh.

A barb that was telling, a comment that was revealing, an off-putting remark that was stinging.

Of course, I like to think my colleagues at Fox do a better job questioning them.

But I like to think we are all the better for having a lot more debates featuring any and all questions we can throw at 'em.

After all, chances are one of these guys gets to the White House and controls access.

Better we grill 'em now and often...

While we still do.