Grapevine: Congressman Fires Staffers for Drinking on Job

Staff members detailed exploits on Twitter


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Doing Jack

Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen has fired three staff members who chronicled their on-the-job drinking exploits on Twitter.

The Northwest Daily Marker, a conservative blog, first posted the tweets. They detail things like wasting taxpayer money, watching music videos on YouTube, and lobbing insults at what one calls their -- quote -- "idiot boss."

Many use profanity, but here's a relatively tame one. Quote -- "My co-worker just took a shot of Jack crouching behind my desk. We have unabashedly given up on just about all things work related."

Larsen's office says the trio was fired an hour after the congressman learned of the behavior.

Poll Position

A new Gallup poll shows a 19-year-high in anti-incumbent sentiment.

76 percent of respondents said members of Congress do not deserve to be re-elected, while only 20 percent said they should keep their jobs.

Still, 53 percent say their district's representative should be re-elected, versus 39 who want their rep to go.

Fill it Up with Regular

Some conservatives are taking issue with the Los Angeles Times' use of the word regular.

An article discussing presidential candidate Mitt Romney's service to his Mormon religion, says -- quote -- "George W. Bush is a born-again Christian; President Obama has been a regular church-goer for decades; Jimmy Carter taught Sunday school."

A 2009 Time Magazine article, 11 months into the Obama presidency, wrote -- quote -- "The Obamas have attended Sunday services in Washington three times this year."

And a 2010 Politico article observed that -- quote -- "Since arriving in Washington as president, Obama...has largely chosen not to attend public church services because of the possible disruptions his presence, and the increased security, would cause a congregation."