Grapevine: Prosecution for Video Game 'War Crimes'?

Can gamers be punished in real life?


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Words that Work

Filmmaker Michael Moore says he would never question a Republican's patriotism and love for country but the record may not support that.

He said quote -- "I would assume that they love this country and I assume that what they're doing is what they believe is best for the country."

NewsBusters notes that in 2001, Moore suggested President George W. Bush was guilty of funding mass murder.

In 2007, he spoke of his desire for a perp walk for President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney saying both were guilty of war crimes and ought to be put on trial.

In the wake of last year's earthquake in Haiti, Moore blamed the death count on a -- quote -- "Republican Paradise" of no building codes and regulations.

Not the Grinch

Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh is not letting his philosophical disagreements with President Obama keep him from getting in the holiday spirit.

Walsh attended a party for members of Congress on Monday at the White House, after telling the president to quote "quit lying" on YouTube in July.

Also boycotted President Obama's jobs speech earlier this year, leading a writer from The Hill to quip -- quote -- "Perhaps the president should bring cookies to his next address to Congress."

Walsh's office points out that the Tea Party politician did not meet the president during the holiday event, nor did he stand in line to get a photograph taken with him.

Not Ender's Game

And finally, The International Committee of the Red Cross is shooting down reports that it is investigating whether the Geneva Conventions apply to crimes committed in video games.

The Associated Press writes -- quote -- "Gamers worried their actions on the virtual battlefield could land them at the Hague war crimes tribunal can relax."

The Red Cross says war crimes can only be committed in real-life.

In the last week, there have been numerous articles with headlines like this -- quote --"Six Hundred Million Video Gamers Could Be War Criminals, Red Cross Says."

As expected, not true.