Grapevine: Energy Job Website Prohibits Job Listings

Is information site wasting tax money?


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Sign of the Times

In what National Journal is calling a sign of the times a Democratic congressional candidate is attacking his Republican opponent for supporting Pre sident Obama.

Ohio Democrat Charlie Wilson lost his re-election campaign in 2010 largely because Republican Bill Johnson tied Wilson to President Obama and Washington Democrats.

Now it seems Wilson is using the same tactic.

Quote -- "I am disappointed that Congressman Johnson supported President Obama's free trade agenda this year.

These agreements will ship even more of our jobs overseas."

Seeing Green

Speaking of jobs, a $230,000 contract awarded by the Energy Department is going to a website that is designed to provide information to those interested in a green energy career.

Yet it prohibits the listing of actual jobs.

The Association of Energy Services Professionals Foundation says it will develop "My energy Gateway" to help users make informed decisions about acquiring the skills needed for the energy field.

The association says there are plenty of jobs just not enough skilled workers. The Heritage Foundation calls it a waste of taxpayer money without real jobs listed.

Winter Wonderland?

Finally, a climate change group in Canada says Santa must relocate from the North Pole because of global warming.

The website "Where Will Santa Live" prompts you to save Santa by donating money to the David Suzuki Foundation.

One option is to purchase gifts like a North Pole snow globe.

However, the site clarifies buyers won't actually receive anything.

Temperatures, by the way, at the North Pole observatory today, hovered around 14 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.