Grapevine: Fast Cash for Obama

Outpacing predecessors on fundraisers


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

C'est La Vie

Former International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Khan admits to what he calls a free sexual life -- not rare for a politician -- yet he maintains he did not rape a New York hotel maid last spring.

A new book written by a French journalist -- quotes Strauss-Kahn as saying a consensual but stupid liaison with the maid took place after he interpreted her body language as a proposition.

The maid's lawyers call the book complete fantasy.

Reality Check

Republican presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann had her own take on reality when she told an Iowa crowd she would close the U.S. embassy in Iran if she were president.

The remarks came following the British government's decision to withdraw its personnel from Tehran, after their embassy was attacked.

Bachmann said quote -- "That's exactly what I would do. We wouldn't have an embassy in Iran. I wouldn't allow that to be there."

The U.S. has not had an embassy in Iran in more than three decades. Bachmann's camp says she knows that and was simply speaking hypothetically.

Old English

President Obama had his own embassy oops.

Tuesday he referred to the British embassy as the English embassy.

And then followed by calling it the embassy of the United Kingdom.

British tabloid the Daily Mail called that a mistake as well.

Fast Cash

Finally, President Obama is outpacing his predecessors quickly when it comes to fundraising events.

CBS' Mark Knoller tweeted Wednesday the president's total for the year is 69 fundraisers.

Compare that to at least 21 for Bill Clinton at this point in his third year in office and 41 for George W. Bush.