Common Sense

Coverage of Leaders Fair, Balanced?

Setting the record straight about media


Let me see if I've got this -- Herman Cain can't be president because of alleged affairs, so he's unfit for the Oval Office. Not so Bill Clinton, who was president and had at least one real affair in the Oval Office.

Mitt Romney is a flip-flopper because he's not saying the same thing he did about health care seven years ago. But not the president, because he's not doing what he said he'd do about spending just one year ago.

Newt Gingrich talks a lot and he's arrogant. Barack Obama talks a lot and he's prescient.

John McCain makes a joke about Long Island and Chuck Schumer takes offense. Never mind McCain was talking about being brave in the face of terror -- something about which, Chuck Schumer, by comparison, hasn't a clue.

So McCain jokes and he's a stooge. A Democrat not fit to share his Vietcong prison cell and he's a saint.

The Republican jokes and gets slapped. The Democrat jokes and they call it a slip.

Is that fair? Is that balanced? And whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, is that right?

I'm not saying one side's a saint and the other's a sinner. What I am saying is a sin is a media hardly acting like a saint.

Picking and choosing who's ripe for abuse and who just gets a pass.

That doesn't mean not holding anyone's feet to the fire. How about everyone's feet to the fire?

On this show, I've tried to make this much clear -- I'm not red. I'm not blue. Actually, I'm just green. Your green. Your money.

It's why I hold Republicans accountable to budget-cutting promises from which many try to wiggle out. Just like I did with President Bush back in 2008 on financial rescues I said then -- like I do now -- "never" work out. That president's people didn't like it then. This president's people don't like it now.

Frankly, I don't care. People hear what they want to hear. Here is what I hear -- a media more intent on making one side look mad and the other more like Mensa.

Well, you don't have to be a genius to realize that you, the viewers and readers and those taking all this in, are the ones losing out at the hands of a media providing coverage that isn't fair, criticism that isn't consistent and reporting that isn't even reporting.

I'm not saying alleged affairs or proven inconsistencies don't matter. But they can't just matter for some. They must matter for all or you might as well kiss good journalism goodbye. And, while you're at it, this country as well.