Common Sense

Neil's History Lesson on Presidential Frontrunners

Clinton's run in 1992, is similar to Romney's run in 2012


Stop me if you've heard this line--

Is this the best we can do?

Is this the best we have?

Summing up the challengers to a president who once looked un-beatable...

But whose sliding poll numbers have some pondering the un-thinkable.

We can beat this guy.

But not with "this" guy.

Surely, there are other guys.

Guys with less baggage.

Guys with more credentials.

Guys who don't pander.

Or smooth-talk over double-talk.

Guys whose hair isn't so perfect.

Or tightly staged media events so precise.

Guys who are politicians but don't seem so political.

We don't need a chameleon who changes colors.

But a candidate who proudly shows his stripes.

We can pull this off, if only we find a way to bump this frontrunner off.

Before we dig in, maybe throw this bum out.

I'm not talking about Republicans lamenting their frontrunner in 2012.

I'm talking about Democrats lamenting their frontrunner in 1992.

Because there was a time when Bill Clinton wasn't the democrats' best hope...more like their last resort.

The tallest of ‘Seven Dwarfs’ challenging...

An un-challengable King George.

Until King George didn't look so un-challengable.

And Democrats' chances didn't look so unthinkable.

But not with Bill then...surely, someone else then.

Kind of like a lot of Republicans' view of Mitt Romney now.

Can't win with this governor...not against this president.

Sort of like they said about that other governor...against that other president.

Beware those some call pariahs in a party.

Ronald Reagan in 1976 republican convention with Gerald Ford

There was a time they said that of Ronald Reagan too.

Before that pariah became a prophet.

And Bill Clinton...became a power house.

Funny thing conventional wisdom.

Funnier thing...