Grapevine: Death Row Inmate Angered by Reprieve

Claims he wanted to protest criminal justice system


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Repeat Offender?

Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein is once again being accused of blurring the lines between journalism and advocacy.

You may remember, Klein got into hot water last year for operating Journolist, a private e-mail group of left- leaning journalists.

Well, Media Bistro reports, Klein recently spoke to a group of Senate Democratic staffers off the record, about the Super Committee prior to its failure to reach a debt deal.

Media Bistro notes -- quote -- "Lawmakers brief reporters. Aides brief reporters...But reporters briefing aides? This is unheard of."

This afternoon, Klein denied briefing anyone, saying -- quote-- "I am in continuous conversation with dozens of staffers, in dozens of offices, from both parties."

All Shook Up

Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean is defending his charity in the face of questions over donations following Haiti's devastating earthquake 2 years ago.

The New York Post reports his foundation collected $16 million after the quake but less than a third of that went to emergency efforts.

The Post says, $1 million was paid to a Florida firm that doesn't appear to exist. Jean says his Yele, Haiti charity rebuilt an orphanage and set up hygienic facilities in one of the largest shanty towns in the country's capital.

Dead Man Talking

Finally, an inmate on Oregon's death row is slamming Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber for giving him a reprieve.

Double murderer Gary Haugen says he wants to be executed to protest the criminal justice system.

He says the Governor doesn't have the "guts" to carry out the sentence. Kitzhaber who opposes the death penalty says he won't allow executions during his term in office.