Grapevine: Controversy Over Removal of Cross from Army Base

Pentagon claims symbol violated regulations


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Cross Talk

American soldiers stationed at a NATO base in northern Afghanistan say the removal of a large cross from an army chapel has created a huge controversy there.

One soldier calls it a direct attack against Christianity.

The Pentagon says the cross violated army regulations and was removed after someone complained.

Soldiers upset over the removal say the regulations specify Christian and Jewish symbols but do not mention icons of other faiths.

Civil Discourse

Hightstown, New Jersey is getting into the holiday spirit by decorating a civil war monument with Christmas lights and garland despite complaints that it is disrespectful.

The lights will be strung in the shape of a Christmas tree and will be turned on tonight.

All but one member of the town's historic preservation commission resigned over the plan.

Gobble Gobble

Bourbon whiskey brand Wild Turkey has a job offer for the two gobblers President Obama pardoned this week.

ABC News reports the distillery says it has asked the White House for permission to make "Liberty" and "Peace" official spokesbirds for the liquor.

Quote -- "In a manner of direct speaking, we invite the president to give us the bird."

Friday Follow-up

Well, giving the bird is actually what got one award-winning Russian newscaster fired.

Tatyana Limanova was given the axe after appearing to give the middle finger to President Obama after reading his name during a live broadcast.

The Russian network says Limanova was gesturing at the camera crew and did not know she was still on-screen.

But it calls the incident a gross violation of on-air discipline and professionalism.

Song Request

And Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann got what she wanted from NBC, an apology.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon had already apologized over music played when she appeared on his show earlier this week.

Fallon's band used a portion of an old song with a profane title. Bachmann accepted his apology, but had asked for one from the network as well.