Grapevine: Vindication for John McCain?

Wildfires near Arizona border linked to illegal immigrants


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Fired Up

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain may be feeling a bit vindicated thanks to a government study on wildfires.

In June, we told you McCain took flak for linking illegal immigrants to wildfires in his state. He said there was evidence some of the fires had been started by people who illegally crossed the border. Now an investigation by the Government Accountability Office shows 30 wildfires near Arizona's border between 2006 and 2010 have been linked to illegal immigrants.

No hard evidence of the link appears in the report and there is no mention of any prosecutions.

Trading Places

The Occupy Wall Street movement has gained attention overseas, but a group of protesters wants to swap the signature tents for igloos.

Activists plan to set up an Occupy Igloo camp" outside the World Economic Forum when it meets in Switzerland in January. The president of Switzerland's Young Socialists party says he wants to highlight what he calls the "undemocratic nature" of the forum.

So far the group has not been granted permission to set up the igloo camp.

Adding Up

During these hard economic times, cities and schools are seeking non-traditional ways to boost their coffers without raising taxes. One way gaining popularity is by selling advertising.

A suburban Salt Lake City school district will post ads on its buses to generate revenue. And in Golden, Colorado there are ads on student report cards. Those ads raise $30,000 a year for the district.

Rules of the Road

And USA Today reports Delaware will allow a neo-Nazi group to participate in the state's Adopt a Highway program. However, the word "Nazi" will not be allowed on the signs.

Instead of the group's declared name -- National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party -- the signs will simply list sponsorship by the "Freedom Party."