Common Sense

Cavuto: We Are Broke

When you're out of money, you're out of options


So I'm hearing the president from Hawaii, no less, say we have to spend a billion bucks on health care jobs... That it's a good strategic investment.

Then Republicans on that Super Committee bemoaning "any" defense cuts... Because they're a good strategic investment.

Then Democrats on that same committee ripping so much as curbing a single dollar in entitlement spending because they're long-term strategic investments.

And I’m thinking to myself, what part of "broke" don't any of these guys understand?

You can't be strategic with your money when you have no money.

And you can't invest in the future when you're flat broke now.

Yet they all merrily make these commitments with cash we don't have, but in the face of enormous bills from which we now can't run.

Because here's the thing about being out of money... You're also out of options.

Yet they're all so cocky... With our cash.

...ripping a credit agency for dare downgrading our debt.

The line I loved the most at the time was from a congressman who told me with a straight face that S & P was stupid to cut our triple-A rating, when it knew we could always keep printing money to pay our bills!!

Talk about stupid.

These guys gotta wake up and see where we are. Not where they "think" we are.

We... Are broke.

We... Are poor.

We couldn't strategically invest spit right now.

I suspect there are a lot of families in this country that would love to strategically invest in a trip to Hawaii to join the president.

They can't. So they won't.

They get it.

Does he?

Does congress?

Because this isn't about "strategy."

The way these guys are spending money they don't have on programs that don't work for jobs that don't come...

This is about...