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Cavuto: It's Not All Greek to Me

Governments are in deep and trying to dig out


You know, it is actually "not" all Greek to me.

I think this whole European money crisis thing is very simple, really.

Governments are in deep, and desperately trying to dig out.

They owe much more than they can pay.

They have promised much more than they can possibly deliver.

And they are trying to cut back.

And it ain't going down easy.

Cutbacks never do, of course.

But in Europe, it is the stuff of riots, because all this is so new. And for so many, in so many countries so used to cradle-to-grave protections, it’s scary too.

For as long as many have lived, the government has provided.

Pensions for life, for those who retire as early as 52.

Free education, even for those who wait to start college when they are 52.

No one much questioned where the money was coming from, just that it kept coming.

It was a given.

Even when the model supporting it was a joke.

Until some accountants in sovereign capitols finally admitted the spread-sheet had hit the fan.

There was no money in the till.

Let's just say the news didn't go down well.

Because nothing says violence so freely, as telling someone nothing is free at all.

Greek union members protest having to retire maybe a little earlier.

British students a while back having to pay maybe a little more.

And even in this country...largely young protesters having to accept a government that can't do any more.

They say cash is king.

But if you don't have any cash, what does that make you?

A slave.

A beggar, who can't be a chooser.

Not just here. Darn near everywhere....where countries are broke, and they glom onto anyone with some dough to give 'em a break.

Enter China...flush with cash, and willing to make a deal.

A whole world selling its soul to just make it by.

It is sad when you're broke.

You blame whoever you can, rather than face the truth you know you cannot.

We live in a world where we'd sooner point a finger, than simply look in the mirror.

It is not that government hasn't done enough.

It's that government has done too much.

Some want it to do more because they feel they're owed it.

I think the message worldwide now...

From Athens to Rome to Paris to France is this.