Common Sense

Cavuto: Europe and the Madoff's

ther's public image is great, but they're hanging on


This is the week we're told Europe came back to life.

And we learned the Bernie and Ruth Madoff came very close to ending their life.

A region swallows a big pill to fight another day.

Ruth Madoff, apparently some Ambien pills, back last she and Bernie wouldn't see any more days.

Europe's alive and well.

And so are Ruth and Bernie Madoff.

Bernie in prison.

Ruth in what she all but calls of mental prison.

But again...they're still breathing, aren't they?

And Europeans are still hanging on, aren't they?

Sometimes it's weird the way events go down in the same week.

Hearing the wife of someone who swindled so many try to sound so convincing.

And the leaders of a struggling continent try to sound so determined.

Never mind the wife's words ring hollow.

And Europe’s own past rings hellish.

If you think about, neither's public image is all that great.

But in a way, each trying to convince the world, they deserve to be thought of better.

Frankly, I think it's too late for Ruth.

I suspect there's still time for Europe.

All I know is it's been a heck of week.

Who could blame "anyone" from wanting to take some Ambien?

Not to end it all.

Just off.