Rep. Walsh: Democrats Aren't Defending the President

Illinois congressman on Tea Party bashing, 'Fast and Furious' scandal


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF, “YOUR WORLD”: Well, you think Democrats in some tight primary races are using Occupy Wall Street to win votes? Think again. They are actually using the Tea Party.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BRAD AVAKIAN (D), OREGON CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: I’ll tell you why I’m running for Congress. I am ticked off about what is going on. These Tea Party Republicans trying to end Medicare and roll back the clock on women, it is crazy. And you see Congress doing nothing while we struggle.

I grew up here. I raised my kids here. This place is home to me. I will fight for a jobs plan, an end to Wall Street handouts, whatever it takes, because we got to get this right.

I’m Brad Avakian, and I approve this message.


CAVUTO: All right, we will get to the Democrat behind that ad in just a moment.

First to the Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh who is finding himself to be a target in his own district precisely because he is a Tea Party Republican.

This is getting nasty now, Congressman.

REP. JOE WALSH, R-ILL.: Well, heck, Neil.

If it helps then to raise money to go after the Tea Party movement, more power to them. The mistake they are making is they have no clue as what this movement is. They don’t understand the movement. The movement is millions and millions of Americans who are fed up with how big government is getting.

I don’t think they want to attack a movement that big. You will notice they are not defending Occupy Wall Street and they are certainly not defending this president’s policies. So I suppose we should look at it as a badge of honor that they are going after us.

CAVUTO: We will have Mr. Avakian on very soon here, but you notice in that ad, he does not embrace a lot of the Occupy Wall Street themes and backhandedly does embrace a couple of positions near and dear to you: smaller government, more responsible government, but without going after near and dear Democratic issues and societal issues like Medicare and Medicaid, et cetera.

Can you have it both ways?

WALSH: And maybe that is an acknowledgment that they understand they on the wrong side of this debate.

Look, I have got to tell you, Neil, there are not a lot of people in Washington, Republican or Democrat, who are defending what this president is doing. He is out there campaigning. He’s been campaigning for the last year. Democrats are in a real bind. How do they defend him and his policies? They are not.

So they are kind of going after the boogeyman of the Tea Party movement without understanding how big it is, but you are right, there is an implicit acknowledgment that we are on the right side of this debate as to what America needs to restore itself.

CAVUTO: You have called -- among the earliest ones to call for Eric Holder’s resignation. Do you think you are getting a little ahead of yourself?

WALSH: I have got to tell you, Neil, the more you learn about this, the more you have to ask yourself this.

Nobody has given a rationale yet for this ‘Fast and Furious’ program. And it is clear to me and I think it’s clear to a lot of Americans that this was an attack on gun owners. This was an attack on gun dealers. And Eric Holder is responsible for that. It is out outrageous what transpired in this Fast and Furious. And all he is doing right now is obfuscating and not responding to Congress. He needs to be held accountable.

CAVUTO: So if he answers for investigations or follow-up meetings, would you hold off on the resign, Attorney General, comment? Or you’re still standing by that?

WALSH: No, because it is clear the Department of Justice approved a failed program, a program that I believe is criminal and in which two of our border agents were killed. That’s a fact.

And that he can’t take back. Someone needs to take responsibility for that program. It is bad enough that he won’t answer questions. It is bad enough that there seem to be conflicting reports as to where he is. But the more you learn about this, Neil, it is troubling.

This is an attack. I believe ‘Fast and Furious’ was an attack by the Obama administration on law-abiding gun owners and dealers in this country. Somebody needs to be accountable for that.

CAVUTO: Congressman, Thank you. Good seeing you again.

WALSH: Thank you, Neil.

CAVUTO: All right.

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