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Cavuto: People Aren't Defined by Their Age

Just because you're 60, you shouldn't be forgotten by your country


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If 60 is the new 40...

Why are Steve Mills' IBM CEO dreams now history?

Because Steve is 60, that's why.

And that's the traditional retirement age at big blue.

So it needn't matter the highly respected senior vice president was in charge of a highly profitable software division that was soaring…

Steve was 60.

Move on.

And so, IBM did, to someone younger. And for all I know, someone who will prove as good or better.

Virginia Rometty got the nod.

It helped Virginia ran some very profitable divisions of her own…

But I'm sure it didn't hurt Virginia "wasn't" 60.

She was 54.

Good for her.

But with all respect to her, "no, Virginia, there is "not" a Santa Claus."

Not if he's as old as we suspect.

And not if he keeps that damn white beard which makes him look even older than we suspect.

He might as well hang up his sleigh now.

Which really slays me.

Because what are we saying to those of a certain age and those quickly approaching it?

I mean, think about it?

I always thought retiring at 65 was a joke.

But 60?!!

When we're living longer?

When our national brain drain is draining faster?

And we want to put some of our best and brightest out to pasture "sooner"?

My god, get a denture-grip!!

And by the way, most folks well beyond 60 don't even "need" dentu-grip!!

What they need is to be defined by who they are, not how many years they've lived.

My god, by that measure...Ronald Reagan never would have been president.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain wouldn't even be "running" for president.

Winston Churchill never would have made it to prime minister.

And as a result, maybe Europe itself never would have made all.

Colonel Sanders never would have given us Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Ok, you got my on that one.

But you get my point on this.

You have to be 18 to die for this country.

That doesn't mean just because you're 60, you have to be forgotten by your country.

I'm sure "Virginia Rometty" is every bit the dynamic executive IBM board members say she is..At age 54.

I just hope they feel the same way, come 2017, when she's six years "older" than 54.