Grapevine: Sen. Brown's Lesson in Plagiarism?

Did lawmaker copy from Sen. Dole's website?


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Copy Cat

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown is being criticized for a posting on his official website that was apparently lifted verbatim -- from the website of former North Carolina Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole.

The Boston Globe reports a Democratic group unearthed the text that was included in a message to students from Brown.

The passage reads in part -- quote -- "I was raised to believe that there are no limits to individual achievement...I was encouraged to join causes larger than myself...and to stand up for what I believe."

Brown's staff acknowledged the message was originally Dole's. It blames a technical error.

Public Safety Issue

Vice President Joe Biden suggests murder and rape could increase if President Obama's jobs bill/stimulus package is not passed.

That's because the bill includes funding for public safety officers.

Biden said during a stop in Flint, Michigan that anyone who doubts what he called the direct correlation between crime and the number of police need look no further than that city.

Flavor of Love

And finally, as you've heard, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain often refers to himself as Haagen-Dazs black walnut ice cream, when asked if he is the political flavor of the week.

Well, it is true black walnut might actually have been a flavor of the week of sorts. But Haagen-Dazs tells Fox the flavor was introduced in 2005 but discontinued in 2009.

We reached out to Cain's staff who joked the candidate might be shopping around for another Haagen-Dazs flavor.