Common Sense

Cavuto: Cain Is Thinking Outside the Box

Why is the media still calling Herman Cain weak?


Gone a week, and they're still calling Herman Cain "weak."

Mister 9-9-9 all but a 0-0-0.


Especially when you consider the fact that in every poll Herman is hoppin'.

Maybe that's why the media's rippin'.

Look, I’m not here to take sides...just take issue...

With a press that practically screams "Americans are thirsting for someone different!!"

But when it comes to someone who genuinely "is" different...being totally "indifferent."

"Then" the different guy is the nutty guy.

And he doesn't have to even be a guy.

Michelle Bachmann’s made to look crazy on the cover of Newsweek.

The latest flash...always "panned."

Ron Paul too extreme.

Donald trump...too much.

It's as if a media intent on saying we're all looking for new flavors, prefer we revert to the same-old vanilla.

Look, I have no problem with vanilla...but I think in these rocky times, we'd be wise to at least consider "rocky road."

I mean is it me, but...why do we take all the inventiveness and originality out of our presidential candidates?

Why do we scream for something different, then immediately lash out at those who "are" different?

So, if we all know the tax code's a bust, why bust on the guy who at least has the guts to offer an alternative?

Didn't we already do that to Paul Ryan for having the unmitigated gall to try and "fix" Medicare?

Instead, he's throwing granny off a cliff?

Off. The. Charts.

It's gotta' stop.

Because think about it. Conventional thinking got us to where we are now. Would it kill any of us to think and look outside the box?

Yes, even if it's...a pizza box