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Bill O'Reilly: Where the Republican Field Stands Right Now

By Bill O'Reilly

First some bad news. There are at least 13 more Republican debates scheduled. Thirteen more times the candidates will recite their respective viewpoints. Thirteen more times moderators will struggle to keep people awake. Thirteen more times.

Fortunately, I am here to watch these things if you don't want to. It's not that they're unworthy. There are nuggets, like this one Tuesday night:


RICK PERRY, GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Romneycare has driven the cost of small business insurance premiums up by 14 percent over the national average in Massachusetts. So my question for you would be: How would you respond to his criticism of your signature legislative achievement?

MITT ROMNEY, GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm proud of the fact that we took on a major problem in my state. I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish. I will tell you this though: We have the lowest number of kids as a percentage uninsured of any state in America. You have the highest.


That back and forth was instructive and challenging, forcing the potential voter to take a side.

But the real GOP headline on Tuesday was Chris Christie endorsing Mitt Romney. That's huge for the former Massachusetts governor. Christie's support sends a signal to conservative Americans that it's OK to like Romney, who is suspect in many right-wing circles and is being challenged on the right flank by Herman Cain.

The reason Christie endorsed Romney is because the Republican Party knows independent voters are much more likely to vote for Romney than for Cain, and independent voters will decide the general election. According to a new Pew poll, independents now favor Romney over Obama 54 to 41.

The Republican Party desperately wants to not only win the White House but the Senate as well, thereby totally controlling the agenda in Washington. If that happens next year, say goodbye to Obamacare. It will be repealed faster than the Boston Red Sox fell apart last month. Also, taxes will be lowered, federal spending will be cut, and Nancy Pelosi will be distraught and confused.

That's the scenario the Republican establishment wants, and they believe Romney is their best hope for attaining it.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As you may remember, Rhode Island businessman Marc Perlman was the high bidder for our Wounded Warrior auction. Marc spent $60,000 for the unique historical poster signed by the five living American presidents. But Marc didn't stop there. His company, Ocean State Job Lot, raised an additional $140,000 for the Warriors.

On top of that, "Factor" viewers bought facsimiles of the presidential document for another $200,000. A total of $400,000 went to the Wounded Warrior Project. Amazing. Thank you all.

Obviously Mr. Perlman is a patriot, and we will be auctioning off another one of those historical posters in December.