Baby Shower in Thailand

Nation concerned for baby boom after record flooding


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Lawyering Up

Democrats are criticizing House Republicans for tripling the salary cap to $1.5 million for a lawyer hired to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration announced it would no longer defend the constitutionality of the law, which is still on the books and bans same sex marriage on a federal level. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi's office calls the use of taxpayer money -- quote -- "unconscionable...to defend the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act."

But House Speaker John Boehner's office blames the administration for not defending the law -- quote -- "The cost of this litigation should and will be borne by the Department of Justice -- which is shirking its responsibility."

Baby Shower

As Thailand continues to deal with record flooding, officials there are also worried about a flood of babies in maternity wards.

The French press agency reports condoms are being rushed to hard hit areas along with other medical supplies.

Local volunteers say villagers have nothing to do, so a baby boom is expected.

Putin on a Show

And finally, we told you a while ago about Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, his -- beginner's luck he experienced some when he found buried treasure during just his third attempt at scuba diving.

It turns out, Putin's discovery of two 6th century urns was something he did not earn. It was all a set-up.

Shocking, we know.

Media reports quote Putin's press secretary admitting the jugs were found earlier by archeologists and placed in six feet of water for Putin to find.

The expedition was filmed in the run-up to Putin's announcement that he will seek a third term as president.