GOP Candidates to Boycott Univision Debate?

Response to alleged extortion scandal


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Candidates Say Adios

At least four Republican presidential candidates have agreed to boycott a proposed debate on the Spanish language network Univision because of allegations the channel tried to extort Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

This follows a Miami Herald story alleging Univision's news president offered to kill or soften a story about a decades-old drug bust of Rubio's brother-in-law if Rubio granted Univision an interview.

The network denies the allegation. It says the drug bust story was reported fairly and accurately.

The candidates agreeing to boycott so far are Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann.

Not Keeping up with the Jones

Former White House environmental adviser Van Jones did not make a lasting impression on Vice President Joe Biden during Jones' brief stay.

Biden didn't seem to know who Jones is during a radio interview today. Biden was asked about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement which Jones advocates, and then said this:


VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: You have on the one end the Van Jones' guys -- whoever he is --talking about, ya know, Wall Street [INAUDIBLE]

HOST: He used to be in the administration --


HOST: Used to be Green Czar.

BIDEN: Oh, is that...alright...


Jones drew headlines, of course, and eventually resigned his post three years ago, after past controversial statements were reported.

Commitment Issues

And finally, Mexico City lawmakers are considering offering two-year marriage contracts to couples unwilling to commit to 'death 'to us part -- death 'til we part -- uh, go back. I said it in my wedding -- yes, 'til death do us part. There you go.

Couples would be able to choose the term of the marriage and have the option to renew if they feel like it.

Mexico's Catholic Church calls the proposal absurd.